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You may have noticed Bridge Center of Buffalo masterpoints earned during January 2016 show as "pending" even though we have passed the normal update point of February 6th. This is a result of a glitch at the ACBL. Our points were reported in a timely manner.

Western New York's Newest Bridge Players

Buffalo Regional 2015 Sunday Swiss Winning Team
Bridge Center of Buffalo Members
Gaurang Sheth, Ten-Pao Lee, Shakeel Ahmad, Manju Ceylony

Buffalo Regional 2015
Top Winners Among Bridge Center of Buffalo Members

46.13 Saleh Fetouh, Buffalo NY
45.51 Jay Levy, Amherst NY
40.96 Ten-Pao Lee, Grand Island NY
31.97 Gaurang Sheth, Williamsville NY
31.61 Shakeel Ahmad, Clarence Center NY
31.61 Manju Ceylony, Clarence Center NY
28.84 Randolph Seidenberg Jr, Buffalo NY
27.06 Christine Urbanek, Tonawanda NY
25.33 Dian Petrov, Buffalo NY
24.43 Linda Burroughsford, Fort Erie ON
23.47 Fred Yellen, Buffalo NY
21.43 Dorothy May, Cheektowaga NY
21.27 Davis Heussler, East Aurora NY
21.10 Judith Padgug, Amherst NY
20.46 Penny Shui, Clarence NY
20.27 Kathy Pollock, East Amherst NY
19.42 Martha Welte, Buffalo NY
19.42 John Welte, Amherst NY
18.30 Michael Ryan, Buffalo NY
17.97 Peter Shui, Clarence NY
17.90 Christy Kellogg, Buffalo NY
17.28 Carol Bedell, Williamsville NY
16.55 Ken Meier, Orchard Park NY
16.21 Stanley Kozlowski, Clarence NY
15.95 Marietta Kalman, East Amherst NY
15.23 Thomas Koralewski, West Seneca NY
14.44 Elaine Kurasiewicz, North Tonawanda NY
14.33 James Gullo, Hamburg NY
13.28 Elbert HargesheimerIII, Hamburg NY
11.84 Tova Reinhorn, Williamsville NY

I recently modified the format of HYPERLINKS throughout the site since I heard some users don't know about them. Web pages have a great feature making them much more useful than simple pages of text. You will notice there are many words or phrases on the site written in blue type, underlined with a pink background. These are hyperlinks. The background color changes when you move the mouse pointer to hover over it. And, if you click on it, then a new page opens on your screen with additional information. Hunt around the site and try them out.

Congratulations to all the winners of the ACBL-Wide International Fund Game held on January 31, 2015. The top winners at the Bridge Center of Buffalo was the pair of Saleh Fetouh and David Hemmer with a 71.25%. They were in 8th place nation-wide. Other high placing Bridge Club members were Judy Graf and Fred Yellen, and Shakeel Ahmad and Manju Ceylony.

The annual Cleveland Rock'n Roll Regional in January (as well as the All American Regional in May) is a favorite of our members. We always have a great traveling group ready to compete as well as enjoy the fantastic tournament hospitality and local attractions of our vibrant neighbor city. It's an easy 3 hour drive mostly on I-90 to Independence Ohio. This year was no exception. Here is a list of point winners from our membership:

29.98David Hemmer, East Amherst NY
16.39 Robert Padgug, Amherst NY
11.44 Judith Padgug, Amherst NY
8.47 Shakeel Ahmad, Clarence Center NY
8.47 Manju Ceylony, Clarence Center NY
8.11 Madhav Deshmukh, Lockport NY
8.11 Beena Deshmukh, Lockport NY
6.79 Kathy Pollock, East Amherst NY
6.38 Christine Urbanek, Tonawanda NY
6.24 Davis Heussler, East Aurora NY
5.11 Elbert Hargesheimer III, Hamburg NY
5.11 Christy Kellogg, Buffalo NY
5.05 Gaurang Sheth, Williamsville NY
5.05 Gary Schmitt, Buffalo NY
4.17 Sushil Amlani, Lockport NY
4.17 David Donaldson, Williamsville NY
3.59 Richard Cramer-Benjamin, Wheatfield NY
2.82 Carol Bedell, Williamsville NY
2.82 Betty Metz, Grand Island NY

Corrections were made to the Links Page on January 15, 2015. Some of these were necessitated by the redesign of the ACBL site. One Link had become garbled from an unknown cause. Also the Contact Us Page was updated for the new Board.

Our 2nd Annual Christmas Day game drew 7 Tables for another successful year.

You never know who may show up when you throw a holiday party at the Bridge Center. Our Monday game got a visit from Santa himself on December 8, 2014. Check our Calendar for our Holiday Party schedule throughout the month.

We had a short outage on Thursday afternoon, November 20. I received an email from our Game Director. She was unable to upload results and our site was down. I chatted with our web host. They confirmed the problem chalking it up to "emergency maintenance." That's an oxymoronic term for "something broke." They assured me it would be fixed soon. Our site did come back up about 9:00 PM. I uploaded the afternoon game results at that time. Over all, our host has been quite good. Down time has been minimal. They do have very efficient 24/7 user assistance.

What a big bash! Saturday, October 18 was the Bridge Center's Celebration of our 10th Anniversary. We started at Noon with loads of hors d'oeuvres and drinks. The 22 table game started at 1 PM. Amazing! We fit 22 tables and still had room to serve dinner after the game. A wonderful chicken dinner followed the game. Nobody left hungry.

Thursday September 11 was an odd but gratifying day aside from its somber significance. Several players bombarded me during the day with the news of a problem on our website. I immediately checked it from my phone to find none of the links in the Navigation Panel were active. The Home Page would open, the central images changed properly but when I clicked a link to any other page...nothing. I went online as soon as I arrived at home and was about to open a chat channel with our Internet Service Provider when I checked it again. The problem had dematerialized as suddenly and mysteriously as it had materialized. I take no credit for fixing it. I don't know what caused it any more than I had any part in exorcising the demon. I was gratified by the number of players that noticed. The website provides timely information to our members encompassing every aspect of Bridge Center activities and local tournaments. I'm glad so many players are using it on a regular basis and were concerned when it did not work properly.

A mysterious gremlin popped up Thursday night July 31. Website was behaving erratically. I was debugging that night and early the next morning and contacted our Internet Service Provider. They traced the problem to an update they made in their software. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Longest Day Comes Once a Year

This year we ran two special day time pair games and Swiss Teams at night.

Why is everybody so happy?
Could it be all the door prizes, raffles and refreshments?

Or maybe they know participating in mentally challenging activities like bridge
is known to reduce your risk of Alheimers

Or perhaps they're happy we raised over $2000 for the fight against Alzheimers.

St. Catharines Sectional February 7-9, 2014

The annual St. Catharines Sectional was held from February 7-9, 2014 a short drive up the QEW. This has become a very popular tournament with our members attracting many of us up north to participate in the competition as well as enjoy the hospitality and selection of good restaurants. Our newer members appreciate the opportunity to go after some Silver Points. I counted 25 members earning points including 11 among the top 100 Point Winners.

  Place    Points    Name
    10     16.89      Elbert Hargesheimer III, Hamburg NY
    11     16.89     Christy Kellogg, Buffalo NY
    23     13.07     Saleh Fetouh, Buffalo NY
    26     11.00     Randolph Seidenberg Jr, Buffalo NY
    38      7.85     Kathy Pollock, East Amherst NY
    52      6.62     Linda Burroughsford, Fort Erie ON
    54      6.17     Madhav Deshmukh, Lockport NY
    55      6.17     Beena Deshmukh, Lockport NY
    64      5.42     Christine Urbanek, Tonawanda NY
    75      4.82     Robert Padgug, Amherst NY
    82      4.46     John Toy, Buffalo NY

December 25 at the Bridge Center

What do you get when you put out this tempting table of goodies on December 25?
9 1/2 Tables show up to munch...and to play.

Warning - Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your Set

You may have noticed disturbing warnings if you used our website on Wednesday December 18, 2013. These warnings occurred on any of our web pages involving dates such as the Calendar and Results Pages. Your humble webmaster was surprised to see them. Fortunately he was able to trace them to a trivial change in our webserver's configuration and easily remedied the problem. They cropped up early in the morning and were corrected by early evening. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Niagara Falls Regional 2013

The 2013 Niagara Falls Regional was run by our friends across the river in the Honeymoon Capital of the World from November 5 - 10. We're thankful for the support our club and local unit receive from Canadian players and glad to reciprocate in kind. Many of our members ventured "Over the Rainbow" to participate in the competition. We recognize our top players here.

Points       Name

58.06 Christine Urbanek, Tonawanda NY
44.25 Saleh Fetouh, Buffalo NY
27.30 Randolph Seidenberg Jr, Buffalo NY
21.06 Kathy Pollock, East Amherst NY
20.36 Thomas Koralewski, West Seneca NY
16.51 Dian Petrov, Buffalo NY
16.24 Judith Padgug, Amherst NY
13.44 John Toy, Buffalo NY
11.74 Arthur Matthies, East Amherst NY
10.43 Elbert Hargesheimer III, Hamburg NY
10.43 Christy Kellogg, Buffalo NY
 9.06 Shakeel Ahmad, Clarence Center NY
 9.06 Manju Ceylony, Clarence Center NY
 8.22 Sharon Chang, Williamsville NY

NAOP Results

The finals of the District 5 North American Open Pairs was hosted by our friends in Erie, Pa on Saturday/Sunday October 5/6, 2013. Qualifiers have been run at clubs throughout District 5 including the Bridge Center of Buffalo over the last few months. Many of our members and local players competed in Erie. The top three pairs in each flight qualify to compete at the 2014 Spring NABC in Dallas, Texas. Check out the results at District 5 NAOP Results.

The Longest Day

Friday, June 21, 2013 was the longest day in more ways than one. We observed the Summer Solstice at the Bridge Center of Buffalo with a full day of bridge, refreshments and door prizes, all to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. Our drive, spearheaded by Jay Levy with dedicated support from a host of Bridge Center members, raised over $4500 locally. This event was coordinated by the American Contract Bridge League, merging the efforts of numerous clubs like ours from coast to coast.

The day was packed with Pair Games for players at all levels coupled with excitement as Jay's select Z Team accepted challenges throughout the day.

Pictured below.
Left: Jay Levy and Monica Pomeroy from the Alzheimer's Association of Western New York.
Center: Pairs Game in Progress.
Right: Tote Board (OK. We're Not the Jerry Lewis Telethon.)

Congratulations to BCB Members Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargesheimer who together with their teammates Stelian Hritcu and Jimmy Deen won the 2013 Flight A Grand National Teams Qualifier in Erie, PA. They will represent District 5 at the Summer ACBL Nationals in Atlanta, GA.

Who forgot the candles? Has the Bridge Center gone green to save energy? No! A power blackout unexpectedly struck our Monday game. No worry. The game must go on. Players huddled into the available sunlight while workmen scurried around.


Join us for the new "Bagel Saturday" open game at Noon each Saturday! A mini-lesson or Q/A session begins at 11:30 am, followed by the game.  Complimentary bagels or other goodies at Director's choice will be served each Saturday.


Lessons are available for Beginners, Rusty Players, Intermediate and Advanced Players. Please call the club at (716)834-4222 for more details.  


If you are interested in learning to be a Director at the  
BCB, please call the club at 834-4222